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En anglais

Thank you

First thing I read every morning in public transportation ;-)

Does not work after iOS 6 in iPhone 4 G!!!

Just do not open anymore!!! Is there any other place where I can find the content?

There is room for improvement

As a German user of this app Id highly appreciate if this app would be available in German, too. The quality of the content/quality of the horoscope is just way above the rest. Actually Im not into astrology but this apps quality content totally convinced me. I rate it a 5 of 5.

Dont buy this app

If you expect a personalized horoscope or have any deeper interst within astrology

No favorites, no reading Space

Using a third of the available space for the actual horoscope, how was that even remotely a good idea? And please provide easy access to favourites again. Trying to find the reading you want by spinning the wheel is more than tedious!


Needs a bug fix update asap

Best horoscope

This is the best horoscope provider.

Excellent App.

Works perfectly...


I like the feel of this app!

Best Horoscope app. And I read them ALL!

I love all the different aspects if this app, from the video scope to the daily quickie" to the more extended descriptions in many different areas. Well written and accurate. It is my main "go to" app of the day when it pops up in my notifications!

Best Horoscope for ip

Best Horoscope for ip

Love it!

Timely information in detailed & long form!

Great app!

Everything you could want for horoscopes!

Terrific App!

I am using this to start the day, astrology is a great way to start the day. A little insight never hurt nobody... :-)

Entertaining and Inspirational

Some of the forecasts are generic, some are hilariously funny, and some are food for thought. Every now and then its scary how they can be fairly specific yet accurate. Interface is easy to use and recent versions are stable. Content and wording often assumes female readership, which can be a mild irritant if youre not. However, extra points for including a gay and a lesbian daily forecast in the mix (Along with the usual sections such as career finance travel love etc...). Note you can pick your favorites to display. Suggestions for improvement: add a "dad" (there is a already a daily "mom" forecast) and a "guys" forecast for even broader appeal.

Ok for so many readings

Readings can be inconsistent but give you a general idea of how the stars are effecting you overall


I really do enjoy this app. Check it once a day

Love this App.

This is a great app. Very interesting and fun!!

Works great!

It even notifies me in the morning. Love the app

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